Achieve Your Goals With A College Counselor

March Consulting is your all-around ally in making the college admissions process make sense. 

Our team of private college counselors offers an enormous range of personalized, specialty services designed to help each student achieve the educational experience of their dreams in a way that suits the needs of each family's budget.

In fact, take a moment right now to focus on your most ideal vision of the future:

- Where are you? 

- What do you do for a living?

- What fills your heart and gets you excited about your grand vision?

All students' experiences, goals, and interests are different, therefore college admissions guidance, financial aid strategies, and career advice cannot be one-size-fits-all.

Everything must center around your particular hopes and needs.

That's why the starting point for everyone is our College Comparison Data Dive. The College Comparison Data Dive is our unique way of ensuring that every student and every family can begin their journey to college on the right foot, then continue to be inspired along the way. 

Together we curate a college list, comparing and contrasting schools you are considering as well as programs you might not have known about.

Once we analyze the data, we can leverage it to create a realistic game plan to help you:

  1. Get admitted to colleges that are your perfect fit. 
  2. Fund your tuition without soul-crushing, long-term debt.  
  3. Set you up for success both in college and in your career beyond graduation.

Whether you are struggling to see what the future holds, or you know exactly what you want and are seeking the best guidance on how to get there, Kat and her team of private college counselors here at March Consulting can help you.

Everything You Need To Know About The

College Comparison Data Dive

Why Start With The College Comparison Data Dive?

As far as the college admissions process goes, it's the things you don't know that can hurt you the most. 

But obviously, you don't know what you don't know. 

At March Consulting, we make it our business to know for you. 

By starting with the College Comparison Data Dive we can figure out where you're at in the college admissions process, where you need the most assistance, and, most importantly, where you're aiming to get to, so we can guide you there and provide you with the essential knowledge that will make your process successful.

To date, we have a 100% success rate of getting our clients into at least one excellent college and we are ready to help you triumph too.

Our stellar record is due to the fact that we approach the college admissions process as a holistic, family-involved endeavor that starts with the cold, hard facts.

We have helped hundreds of families collectively save millions of dollars and we can help you save too. We're really good at it.

But it's impossible to know how much money we're looking for without starting with the data.  

The College Comparison Data Dive is the first and most important facet of investing in your future. 

If you're ready to begin your informed journey to college, we're ready to help you.

Reserve your appointment time on our calendar today!

How Does The College Comparison Data Dive Work?

The College Comparison Data Dive is our tried and true, simple process for uncovering the perfect-fit-potential of your college list and developing a road map to your ideal vision of the future.

Here are your 5 simple steps to college admissions clarity...

Step 1: Schedule Your First Meeting

Reserving time with your private college counselor is easy. Just click here to register

Once you've scheduled your first meeting and paid for your sessions, you'll be all set to meet on Zoom at a time that's perfect for you and your family.

Step 2: Meet Your Private College Counselor

During your first Zoom meeting, you, your family, and your college counselor will explore your exceptional vision for your college experience and your dreams beyond school. 

You'll discuss priorities and goals if you have them. Or talk about the options if you don’t.

You can have your burning college admissions questions answered by an expert.

Your counselor will get an idea of what your family has- or, perhaps, hasn't yet- investigated in the college admissions space.

Lastly, you'll chat about the various possibilities for funding your college dreams. 

Step 3: Schedule Your Second Meeting

After your first meeting, your college counselor will get to work putting together a college comparison spreadsheet for you to review together at your second meeting.

Once the spreadsheet is ready (typically one week after your first meeting), you'll receive a link to schedule your second meeting and be on your way towards even greater clarity and a deeper understanding of the enormous potential your future holds.

Step 4: Complete Your Second Meeting

At your second meeting, you'll have a chance to review your personalized college comparison spreadsheet that your counselor compiled for you. (It's yours to keep!)

In addition to digging into the hard facts (i.e. tuition details, financial aid availability, and scholarship opportunities), you'll also talk through the incredible, hidden gem opportunities available at each institution on your list as well as a few additionally suggested colleges your counselor believes are a great fit for you.

You can ask any questions that came up for you and your family after the first meeting and develop options regarding your next right steps on your college admissions journey.

Step 5: Explore Next Steps

If you'd like to continue your journey with your college admissions counselor, they will provide you with a list of next-step options that are based on the whole menu of March Consulting offerings and tailored directly to your wants and needs.

If you'd prefer to continue your college admissions work and research on your own, you'll still have a solid understanding of how to traverse the sometimes-treacherous landscape and the knowledge that if anything comes up that you need help with, March Consulting will still be here for you. 

At the end of the College Comparison Data Dive, you will have a greater sense of organization, direction, and clarity in terms of what you need to work on to turn your collegiate aspirations into your reality!

Confidence and Clarity In Your College Admissions Journey Starts Today


Your investment now will pay fantastic dividends in actual money earned from scholarships and aid later. March Consulting knows where and how to find the best financial opportunities for your college journey. By investing hundreds now, you'll save thousands later. We will guide you to the easiest ways to stay out of debt. Let us help you save money on college.


If you're anything like the rest of our clients, you're already overworked and exhausted. By using our knowledge of  what is essential and what is extraneous in this process, you can stay laser-focused on achieving your goals. Let us help you save time and ensure that your efforts are always directed toward whatever is most useful for you and your family.  


Unless you are a college admissions expert, this process is often confusing, stressful, and incredibly complicated. And even if you are an expert, the college admissions space is also a continually changing landscape that you have to keep a constant eye on. Let us help you untangle the insanity and make sure you don't miss any opportunities or deadlines along the way.


The first step in getting anywhere is knowing where you're going. The next step is planning the most fruitful and important stops along the way. With March Consulting on your team, you'll understand where you're going and never feel alone in the process. Let us help you to keep moving forward by building a logical, useful, inspiring, realistic pathway to achievement and accomplishment both in college and beyond. 

The College Comparison Data Dive Deliverables

In addition to two private, one-on-one Zoom meetings led by your dedicated and experienced college counselor, you will walk away from your College Comparison Data Dive with the following assets. 

Seriously Spruced-Up Spreadsheet

You'll have a well-organized college list overflowing with useful information. Not only will you have a clearer picture of the schools you originally had your eye on, but you will also have a treasure trove of additional hidden gems in the form of colleges and programs suggested by your private college counselor.

Roadmap for Next Best College Admissions Steps

Whether you need further financial counseling, ACT and SAT tutoring, personal essay feedback, or assistance with any of the other mountain of tasks involved in applying for college, we've got you covered. We can provide a list of reliable, supportive resources to get you where you're going efficiently and economically.

Access to Counselmore & College Aid Pro

Your investment in the College Admissions Data Dive includes 3 months of free access to both of these incredible online resources. Take advantage of the info you discovered to either continue researching on your own or explore even more opportunities and options with ongoing, expert guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions About The College Comparison Data Dive

Who are the College Comparison Data Dive sessions for - parents, students, or both?

The entire college admissions process is undeniably a family affair, so both parents and students are welcome. 

Plus, parents and students naturally have different concerns and perspective regarding the process. Therefore, ideally, students and at least one parent or guardian should attend the two sessions together.

How do you generate your college comparison spreadsheet?

After the initial meeting, we compile a list of your top college choices plus 1-3 additionally researched colleges that we also think might be a good fit for you.

Then we utilize Counselmore and College Aid Pro to build your spreadsheet comparing essential college data, saving you the countless hours it would take to generate this information on your own.

With our College Comparison Data Dive, students and parents both get all the confidence the data offers, along with the expert guidance our college counselors provide for all your questions, every step of the way.

What specific data is explored in the college comparison spreadsheet?

Isn't it too soon to consider the cost of college? Our family is just now starting to think about college admissions.

We know that some people are nervous to look at the money and the numbers, which is entirely normal.

It can feel stressful and scary. It can also feel like it might make sense to focus on paying for college once you've been admitted.

But the reality is, college cost comparisons need to be done hand-in-hand with your college search process- so it's never too soon to start looking at the costs.

Ignoring the facts of the situation or avoiding candid conversations about the cost of college can lead to tremendous disappointment for students or overwhelming debt for families.

The only way to take the sting out of the overwhelming parts of the college admissions process is to shine a light in those dark, detailed places.

So don't be afraid of the data. It can only help. And by having us look at it with you, the numbers may even turn out to be a relieving surprise.

We were going to do a college comparison ourselves. What's the advantage to working with you?

The simple answer is that you don't know what you don't know. Meanwhile, we have built our careers out of finding all the best ways to navigate this incredibly complex process.

By working with March Consulting, you can save yourself both time and money.

We will handle the intensive research and generate your college comparison spreadsheet, freeing up that time in your already busy schedule.

Additionally, it's not only about finding the raw data. It's about being aware of all the academic and scholarship opportunities hiding behind the big numbers and allowing this to be a positive experience rather than a soul-crushing one.

Even if your student has access to this (or other) software through their school, the software is still just a tool. And like any tool, it is best wielded with expert hands. (To put it another way, would you rather get in a truck with someone experienced or a first-time driver?)

Our experienced college counselors will help you interpret the data and creatively problem-solve so that you aren't stuck with having debt as your only way forward.

If you want to join 100% of our clients in getting into most (if not all) of your college list, let our extensive knowledge be your secret weapon.

What's the cost of the College Comparison Data Dive?

For your investment of $697, you receive:

  • 2 private sessions with your dedicated, experienced college admissions officer,
  • an invaluable spreadsheet of comparison data to find your best-fit colleges,
  • 3 months of access to the same robust college admissions and financial aid software private college advisors like us leverage every day, and
  • priceless peace of mind in crafting a pathway to getting into and paying for college. 

Consider this: the majority of our clients are average students from middle class families who have big dreams but aren't necessarily aiming for the Ivy League. They end up getting roughly 7 out of 10 acceptances and are offered tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars from the schools they get into. So the typical student who works with us pays a few hundred and gets at least few thousand as a return on that investment. 

Are those the kind of odds that you'd be able to walk away from in Vegas?

Perhaps a better question is: what's the cost of NOT doing the College Comparison Data Dive with March Consulting?

What other college admissions services do you offer?

Scroll down this page to see a sample list of some of our next step services that come after the College Comparison Data Dive. 

Or send us a message below if you have something specific that your family is looking for.

Have a question? Ask away!

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Our Next Step Services For Students and Families

At March Consulting, our college counselors will happily work with you and your family in any way that fits your needs, but the journey begins with The College Comparison Data Dive

Once we've completed our two initial meetings, we can explore the menu of services we offer to meet your family's specific college admissions needs and budget. 

Here are just a few of the college admissions consulting services we offer...

  • Comprehensive Private College Admissions Consulting for Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
  • UC & CSU College Admissions Consulting
  • ACT & SAT Tutoring
  • College Admissions Essay Guidance
  • School & Career Strategy Session
  • Customized Hourly Consultations
  • March Academy Online Masterclass
  • Online Classes for the ACT & SAT
  • UC Personal Insight Questions Online Workshop

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