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Would you love a team of college admissions experts on your side to help you avoid the most common scholarship mistakes that hurt students' chances of earning free tuition dollars?

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To date, our scholarship consultants have helped over 711 students win scholarship awards totaling more than $39,200,000.

Here at March Consulting, we have helped hundreds of college hopefuls say yes to the college experience they’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank or taking on debt.

Through our scholarship consulting services, we're committed to sharing the highest quality, most comprehensive information available and guiding you through the entire scholarship process from start to finish.

How Our Consultants Help You Win Scholarships

We began focusing on helping our students win scholarships because it feels amazing to save families thousands of dollars on college tuition.

But, as we began to look around, we became very concerned about some of the not-so-wonderful business practices in the scholarship consulting space.

So, before we go further, we want to address precisely what we do not do...

  • We do not guarantee scholarship amounts. Quite frankly, no one can ethically make such a guarantee.  If you find another scholarship consultant doing so we politely suggest that you run for the hills…
  • We do not ask you to pay for a single, flimsy PDF list of scholarships. These lists are often made up of scholarships that you could find very easily for free on your own using Google.
  • We do not leave you to figure out how to apply for scholarships without any guidance. Knowing how to find scholarships is only one piece of a complex puzzle, one that requires expert support in order to maximize awards.

Many other scholarship consultants do use these tactics, but that’s not who we are. And that's not how our students have found tremendous scholarship success.

When you work with our scholarships consultants, you're investing in working with experts dedicated to thoroughly understanding the best practices for college admissions and scholarship search and leveraging the most comprehensive research tools to support you.

We belong to conscientious groups such as the National Association for College Admissions Counselors and our consultants are members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association which, like us, believe in equity and accessibility, rather than monetary boundaries to educational entry. And that includes our own services.

No snake oil salespeople welcome.

Where We Focus To Help You Win Scholarships

We know from 10+ years of experience helping families navigate the college admissions process that the best way to lower the price tag for your future dreams is to target the specific schools where you will succeed the most and where you can be competitive for their internal scholarships and merit aid.

The best scholarship search starts with refining your college list rather than seeking out private scholarships.

A strong college list is where the really big money is. And the result speaks for itself...

Our students have won over $39 million in scholarships.

Here at March Consulting, we believe in a holistic, comprehensive, financial-forward approach to college admissions that is tailored to your family's specific needs and circumstances. 

We are here to educate, support, and guide you with firsthand experience that will give you the very best possible chance to make the most of the monetary opportunities that colleges are eager to provide for you.

Scholarship Consulting Services

If you're ready to fund your college experience with merit aid and scholarships, we're here to support you.

We offer two different paths to work together to maximize your scholarship awards. 

College & Scholarship Data Dive

With our small but mighty Data Dive service, we help you develop a well-organized and well-rounded list of schools that give you a range of college possibilities to fit your academic and scholarship desires.

This is a great fit for families that want a few hours of expert guidance to ensure they're headed in the right direction but who are prepared to handle the majority of the to-do's of college applications themselves.

College Admissions Counseling

Are you seeking support with every step of the college admissions process - including academic guidance, essay editing, resume building, activity curation, and more? If so, our private college admissions counseling packages are for you!

These offerings help you stay on track with every aspect of your college applications and ensure that you optimize your applications in every respect in order to maximize your financial aid awards and scholarships.

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We’ve helped more than 640 students over the last decade earn over $34,000,000 in scholarships

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