We make the college admissions process make sense.

The college admissions process is confusing and ever-changing, but our friendly team of college counselors are by your side every step of the way to help you:

  1. Get into college with less stress.
  2. Pay for college with greater ease.
  3. Build a career path that's right for you.

Let’s design your personalized success strategy together so you can march forward into your bright future!

Testing and Applications and Financial Aid...OH MY! 

If you’re staring down the barrel of the college admissions process and it feels as though lions and tigers and bears might be easier at this point, March Consulting's dedicated team of private college counselors is here to help you. 

We hear our clients say over and over again, “We don’t know what we don’t know!”

  • When should I take the ACT? 
  • What colleges should I apply to?
  • How do I get a scholarship? 
  • I'm overwhelmed by my college admissions to-do list! What should I focus on doing next? 
  • How do I transfer from community college to a university? 
  • How can I tell if a college is a good fit for me?
  • Help! I can't figure out how to link Naviance and the Common App!
  • Is my SAT score good enough for admission to my dream school? 
  • Do I have to fill out the FAFSA to get financial aid?

You don't know what you don't know, but Kat and the team at March Consulting do know all things college admissions, paying for college, and career planning too. 

It's our job to know. We take it very seriously...and we love it. Seriously!  

Our results speak for themselves...

Private College Counseling Designed With The Whole Family In Mind

Customers served! 250 Customers served!

College Admissions Clients Served

Customers served! $ 250 Customers served!

Scholarship Dollars Awarded To Our Clients

Customers served! 250 Customers served!

College Acceptances Received

The College Application Process Made 

Simple, Streamlined, and Stress-Free

At March Consulting, we make it our mission to know everything about the college admissions process so we can guide and coach you. That way, you don’t have to worry about missing out or or getting lost in the chaos of deadlines and paperwork.

We join you on your march to college and help you identify:

  • colleges and universities that are looking to attract students with your exact interests so you have a greater chance of successfully gaining admission,
  • scholarship opportunities that are seeking students just like you so you have an increased likelihood of winning those scholarship awards, and
  • unique college programs that are the perfect fit for you and the dream career you envision in your future.

When you work with us, you're investing in your future and ensuring that you won't miss out on any incredible collegiate offerings or opportunities to fund your education just because you don't know they exist. 

Here's What March Consulting Clients Are Saying...

I was nervous and stressed about the process. I didn't know where I wanted to go to school, or even where to apply. Since working with Kat Clowes, I was accepted into ten colleges with great scholarships.  Kat has made me feel more confident about what I have done in high school and how I presented myself in applications.

Anjali Patel

CLient With Newfound Confidence (And Scholarships!)

Kat Clowes and her team are amazing. They break down the college admissions and application process into a structured and manageable timeline, with tasks that are achievable even while these kids manage school, work, and extracurriculars. March Consulting positioned my daughter well to submit compelling applications, not only to a college admissions office, but also for scholarships. We are so happy to have worked with her, and have signed up my son as he begins his college search.

Lori Blodorn

Happy TwO-Time Client

Kat Clowes and the March Consulting team are amazing. They learn what it takes to motivate each kid and help them recognize their strengths! Writing was not Jacob’s strong suit but they helped him reach deeply and find his voice. He was accepted to two wonderful engineering schools this year. Thank you so much for all you did for him and our family.

Allison Brandt Oliver

Thrilled Mom of A Successful Student

I was extremely fearful about the college application process. The whole experience overwhelmed me because I felt as if I had no direct plan with regards to my future. Kat was vital in helping me go through this process.  I have a new found sense of excitement, and I could not have felt this way without her!

Pilar Punsalan

Student Excited About Her Future

Ready to join these and over 600 other successful students and their families and learn how to navigate the college admissions process successfully?

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