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High School Strategic Plan

Get on the RIGHT TRACK for College TODAY!

  1. Are you ready for high school?
  2. Do you know what classes you will need to take?
  3. Need help with a 4 year plan?

The Jump from Middle School to High School is OVERWHELMING! 

Is your student excited (and maybe a little scared) about high school?

The transition from middle school to high school is a big leap. Suddenly, college applications loom large, and the pressure to make "the right choices" can feel overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be! 

  • Chart a clear path to success: Think beyond the next test and set achievable goals that put your student on track for their dream college.
  • Reduce stress and uncertainty: Break down the college application process into manageable steps, giving your student time and confidence to navigate the journey.
  • Explore different options: Discover talents and passions through a variety of activities, building a well-rounded application that stands out.
  • Maximize scholarship opportunities: Our strategic plan helps students develop the academic record and extracurricular involvement that colleges reward.
  • Identify potential college majors: Explore interests and discover career paths that align with their passions.
  • Choose the right classes: Make informed decisions about coursework that strengthens college applications.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Craft a compelling narrative that showcases unique skills and experiences.
  • Reduce senior year stress: Be confident knowing your student has a strong foundation for college success.

Don't let freshman year decisions limit your student's future! This strategic plan goes beyond basic course selection. 

What's Included

This comprehensive High School Strategic Plan equips you with the tools and guidance to navigate your high school journey with confidence and achieve your college goals. Here's what you'll receive:

Personalized College Major Planning Session (1 Hour):

  • One-on-One Consultation: Meet virtually or in person with a dedicated college consultant for a personalized discussion.
  • Identifying Major Strategies: We'll work together to develop strategies for determining the college major that best suits your interests, skills, and future aspirations.
  • Coursework Review: We'll analyze your current high school classes and plan a roadmap for future semesters.
  • Strategic Course Selection: Craft a targeted course schedule that fulfills your intended major's requirements and strengthens your application.

Customized 4-Year High School Plan:

  • Goal-Oriented Roadmap: Receive a detailed 4-year plan outlining your high school coursework aligned with your chosen college major.
  • Requirement Fulfillment: Ensure you meet all essential academic requirements for your desired major and future college admissions.
  • Clear Path to Success: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the steps you need to take to achieve your college dreams.

  • Still Undecided?

    If your child is unsure about their ideal college major, we offer an optional Myers Briggs assessment for an additional $350. This personality assessment can be a valuable tool to help narrow down potential majors and career fields that are well-suited for their individual strengths and preferences.

    With this High School Strategic Plan, you'll graduate with a clear direction, a competitive edge, and the confidence to excel in your chosen college path!

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