Do you know the most common & costly myths about college admissions - and how to avoid them?

Kat Clowes, Private College Counselor and Career Planning Expert

Kat Clowes | Private College Counselor & Founder of March Consulting

On the path to college, there are numerous pitfalls disguised as well-intended advice. Many of these college admissions myths are costly, but - frustratingly - nearly all of them are avoidable.

It just takes getting the right information at the right time to help students and their families sidestep stress and achieve college admissions success.

That's where I come in.

After more than a decade advising over 550 college-bound families and helping them collectively win over $29 million in merit aid and scholarships, I know what the admissions mistakes are, where they're hiding, and how to help you avoid them.

And I am here to help you and your family too...

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